Custom Shapes

Custom Shapes

Boat Blinds and Shades does all custom boat blinds.  Our experienced and seasoned professionals can fabricate them for you.  Sloped bottomrail or headrail, Trapezoids, Cut outs and Radius Corners to name a few.  Our fully equipped shop is accomadated to custom shape your boat blinds. 

  • Trapezoids
  • Sloped bottomrail
  • Sloped headrail
  • Cut Outs
  • Radius Corners
  • Windshields


Hatteras Custom Window Treatments

65' Hatteras Angle Cut Shades

Custom Boat and Yacht Blinds
Radius Corners and Angle
Custom Wood Blinds
Custom Yacht Blind 1" Wood

Custom Yacht Blind 1" Wood

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